You have questions about tenants, owners, properties, leases... if you had MRS,  you would have the answers at your fingertips...

Owner, Tenant and Agent Information Property Information to meet your needs Top notch Bookkeeping Features!
■ Exclusive Rental? ■ Lots of basic information about your rentals. Bedrooms, Baths, Location NEW!!! Comprehensive Bank Reconciliation.
■ Whose listing is it? ■ Search based on tenant(s) needs ■ Lease driven accounting system.
■ When and where did tenant stay before? Who was the rental agent? ■ Who do you call when the place springs a leak, air conditioning breaks, etc. ■ Security deposit refunds are automated.
■ Mailing labels and lists. ■ Rates for weekly, monthly, weekend, daily, or seasonal rentals.. ■ Late lease payment report per agent! Let the agent make the phone calls.
■ Lots of phone numbers. ■ Up to forty (40!) amenity labels. Up to ten (10) bedding types. ■ Commission check for office. Print the check when you need to.
■ Check-in reports w/balance due, if any. ■ Pictures. Calendar view forms. ■ Owner and Tenant Ledger Cards
■ Check-in labels - make up your check-in package ahead of time.. ■ Rental listing form ■ Year-end processing and 1099's included. * Electronic filing is available as a service.
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